Monday, July 20, 2009

Life's Tough for Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorists...

After years of working to beat the Russians in the Space Race, it seems that all the conspiracy theorists are celebrating NASA's big anniversary like big fat meanies...

Luckily, Moon Pies stepped up and made a Moon Pie bigger than the Moon Pies in my dreams
(of Moon Pies)

The anniversary moon pie is 40 inches in diameter, six inches
high and weighs 55 pounds. That includes six pounds of chocolate
and 14 pounds of marshmallow.

The Associated Press said that any NASA visitor is welcome to a piece of the Moon Pie so long as they never went on record saying the Moon landing was faked. Joke's on you!

They'll certainly need a laugh at Comix after being bereft of so much Moon Pie!

NASA wins!


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