Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life's Tough for the Third Estate...

It's Bastille Day, everyone!
That means it's time to reflect on how America's Revolution inspired fancy pants French one (Coincidentally "sans-culottes" is, in fact, the bourge-iest name for pants).
Here is exactly what happened:

A bunch of people were playing Tennis, and decided they wanted to play doubles. Unfortunately, the only people with spare time in France were prisoners. So, a bunch of people broke into a prison and released everybody, and then as a cover-up, chose to make a list of all the reasons why Tennis is better than the Monarchy.

It looked exactly like this:
"Viva la Wii Sports!"

- Plastic rakes were the first Tennis rackets

"French beards are the Cool-ottes!"

- Unfortunately, the prisoners were so lazy, they didn't leave the prison after it was stormed. This caused the Reign of Terror (which was actually a vaudeville variety show gone horribly awry).

And that's how we got the Statue of Liberty!

After this history lesson, we all need a laugh at Comix!

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