Friday, October 9, 2009

Life's Tough for Anyone Who Has to Report Stories Like These

A Sioux City, Iowa, man walked out of his house to find a dead deer dressed in a clown suit and wig lying on his front porch.

Cops figured it was part of a Halloween prank, but insisted it was neither funny or acceptable.

Animal-control officers have disposed of the deer. Police said they were not opening an investigation.


The cabinet ministers of the Maldives are taking diving lessons so they'll be able to convene government meetings when their low-lying island-chain nation in the Indian Ocean sinks underwater.

Studies have shown that if the seas rise just seven inches, 80 percent of the country would disappear.


Gaza City's zoo is so poor that it had to paint two donkeys with stripes because it couldn't afford to smuggle a zebra past an Israeli blockade.

It may fool kids from a distance, but it does little to soothe them as they live under the blockade, put in place because of the Hamas-led government's pro-terror stance.


A Detroit man got two years in prison for stealing a woman's car after skipping out on the check -- on their first date.

Terrence McCoy dined with his date, then told her he left his wallet in her car. She gave him the keys -- and he drove off.

From NY Post's daily "Weird But True" column



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