Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Love an Open Mic

Here are some of our favorite tweets from this week's installment of I Love an Open Mic by Carol Hartsell. If you're unaware, @carolrhartsell attends the Ochi's Motel open mic every week (Monday at 6:30 and 9:30) and tweets her favorite lines/makes fun of it.

Seriously, if you want some live, anything-could-happen entertainment, go to an open mic. And if you go to one open mic, go to our open mic Mondays at 6:30 and 9:30.

Nice suicide/grammar joke. Hanged or hung? #iloveanopenmic

"In my last relationship, I never made my girlfriend cry so I never felt like it was a real relationship. #iloveanopenmic

"Brown sugar goes straight to your ass and talks through the movie." #iloveanopenmic

Neil Charles: We don't need to ban gay marriage. We need to ban people who shit at work. #nobletruths #iloveanopenmic

Walked back in Ochi's to hear, "Hash mark: Giant bucket of cocks!" #nonsequitors #iloveanopenmic

"Our dungeon master is another comedian named Jared." #everyoneinthistaleisunfuckable #iloveanopenmic

"A guy flew a plane into the IRS building in Austin. I'm sorry I have to end on that." #closers #iloveanopenmic

"There are 78 black judges in America and 77 of them are on TV." #nobletruths #iloveanopenmic


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