Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life's Tough if you didn't make it to March Comedy Madness Audition...

It was unanimous:
The March Comedy Madness audition was a fantastic chance to get seen by the booker and owner of Comix, the Like2Laugh staff, and comedy peers in New York City.

Over 200 comedians showed up to perform one minute of stand-up in front of six judges and 20 other comics. Maybe it was nervousness, but it was the first time a group of 20 comedians actually laughed at each other (and at an early morning competition no less!).

Two seasoned New York comics, Danny Solomon and Michael Lawrence had this to say:

Bryan Kennedy, the producer of the competition was also pleased:

One comedian showed up at 5:45 am to be first (the audition started at 9:00 am), but Comix opened its doors so comedians did not have to stand out in the cold for hours. This led to tons of comedians filling up our bar, meeting new people, and talking to old friends instead of going directly to their day jobs. What a good break! Even if people didn't make the cut, the audition seemed to be fun for everyone.

And what was the actual audition like? Here's one with Morgan Venticinque.

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