Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Office Supply Ordering Time!

A lot of people don't realize it, but underneath the hilarity of the Comix mainstage is an intense network of offices that house all of our amazing and high-powered executives. Today we'd thought we'd show you all a little peek at our day to day operations by letting you in on our most recent office supply order.

Justin decided he needed his hands free more, so he asked for the Mental Typewriter. (Now we can finally read his thoughts)

Lauren insisted on the mouse made out of a mouse, which I think is fiscally irresponsible in this wintry economic climate (those things are PRICEY!)
Dan has been asked to stop dressing up for work, and yet he still requested an IPod tie.

I am not a prima donna, so I merely put in a request for a Desktop Bag. I'm getting tired of lugging my 1999 Hewlett Packard computer to work every day.


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