Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Fourteen Favorite Moments from the ECNY Awards

And now, here are our favorite moments from last night's ECNY Awards. Let us know if we missed anything!

  • Andrew WK challenging the guy from Murderfist to drink a triple-sized drink onstage for $20.
  • Eugene Mirman randomly accepting the award for Hannibal Buress.
  • Tom Shillue’s amazing f-word filled acceptance speech- "It's very nice, thank you...I want to thank Comix because these guys get it. The future- I'm serious. Stop with all this ironic shit. Fuck all you people. This club gets it. The future of comedy is community, and that's what this is, all right?"
  • The aforementioned passionate acceptance speech being cut off by “Me So Horny”, and if you glanced up into the sound booth, getting a glimpse of Kambri Crews in the sound booth giggling like a mad woman.
  • How many people that won and WEREN’T there? Does that count?
  • Adira Amram trying to get out of her egg during her performance.
  • Comedienne Livia Scott showing up in a red skin-tight dress and long flowing blonde wig looking FABULOUS.
  • “Live” video feed from Reno, Nevada with Michael Ian Black introducing the “Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Tweeting”
  • All 789 members of Murderfist crowding the stage to accept their award and taking 30 minutes to file back out.
  • One female comic loudly exclaiming “I DRANK WAY LESS THIS YEAR THAN LAST YEAR! I FEEL GOOD ABOUT THAT!”
  • Shayna Ferm and Carolyn Castiglia performing "Marriage is for Fags."
  • Nick Turner and Jesse Popp shamelessly plugging their shows while presenting Best Postcard.
  • Katherine Bryant Flaherty bringing out the box of trophies for Murderfist.
  • Jon renaming the ECNY's Elephants Can Not Yawn, even though that's not true.


Blogger Jay said...

Tom Shillue's surprisingly good lip synching to the trolololo song.

March 9, 2010 at 4:08 PM  

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