Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Witness Feats of Absolute Nerdiness!

This weekend we have proto-nerd Chris Hardwick here at Comix. Now, if you've ever seen Hardwick, you'll see he's too hot to be geeky, and he's done everything from co-host Singled Out on MTV to hosting Web Soup on G4. So you might think a guy like this doesn't really live up to his nickname of "Nerdist".

But you'd be wrong. In an interview with NY Press, Hardwick reveals
“I was a proto-nerd when being a nerd was not hip. I was in chess club tournaments. I studied Latin. I owned my first computer in 1981. I was the president of the Classics club and got my ass kicked for being a nerd,” proclaims Hardwick. “Now it’s this hip, retro thing. Now if you wear an Atari shirt it’s cool, but if I wore one when I was a kid I got stuffed in a trashcan.”

He also revealed that he plays D&D with Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn, and that he recite Pi up to about 180 decimal places. !!!!

Go read the rest of the interview at NY Press, and then go to our site and use code CHFB to get $5 off your tickets!


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