Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Life's Tough for Mounties on Canada Day

Happy Canada Day Everybody!
Even though President Bill Pullman declared the 4th of July an international holiday on the same morning Randy Quaid saved humanity from alien enslavement, some countries still feel the need to express their allegiance to a human power separate from the United States (We own this rock!). Today Canada celebrates its unification with itself on the subtly titled "Canada Day."
And who has it the toughest on Canada Day? You guessed it:
The Mounties.

Just look at the crowd control work they have to do today!

I believe they are stopping a rowdy group of ants from celebrating too hard.

And the crazy doesn't stop there! They have to ride horses backwards! Here is proof:

Finally, this is a real auto-biography that shows the strife of the common Mountie:

Their lives are so rough, their biographies can only be published as pulp fiction/erotica.

I know a few Mounties that will need an extra hearty chuckle today at Comix!

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