Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life's Tough when you're switching styles...

For awhile the entire office has been looking to spice up their wardrobes...

Finally we can take what we already have and make it better, thanks to!

Winkers makes special designs that "wink" as you walk! All you have to do is send them a pair of jeans that fit correctly, and they'll give you that extra flare you and your butt cherish.

Here are a few examples of their fabulous artwork:

Of course, there are some thing to keep in mind.
Here are the regulations (brackets were added for clarification purposes):

  1. What we do is decorate pants, mostly jeans. Currently, there are five different designs that we use to decorate the pants [Our "Owl" design is a best-seller but feel free to try a creepier one!]. It is your choice which design you would like to have decorate your pants [OTHER IMITATION-BRAND Winkers just take your jeans and put whatever WEIRD designs they can think of! Amateurs!]. If you have a specific request for a design, please contact us to negotiate the request [Our professional team of Winklers will decide if it's Wink-able. NOTE: Mad Magazine "fold-ins" are copyright protected and often are too complicated to be placed on your butt]. Not all requests can be accommodated [We will not be permitted to be any offensive or otherwise inflammatory statements on your butt-cheeks].
  2. Jeans work the best for Winkers. Baggy jeans do not wink at all. Other types of pants might work well [no one with enough money to purchase corduroys has asked us yet, BUT we're willing to try!], but if the leg is too loose and hangs from the widest part of the buttocks, the pants will not wink [and nobody likes pants that don't wink!]. Taking all this into consideration men's pants will wink also [contrary to popular belief!]. Many slacks and overalls do not wink at all because they are too loose [what a shame!].

    When selecting a pair of pants to be decorated, select a pair that fit well and will show off your wink [*wink, wink]. Make sure they are clean [common problem].

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