Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life's Tough for the Pets of Good Christians...

Yesterday we finally found a way to insure our dogs' futures.

Though for a long while I believed that all dogs go to Heaven, this website solves a problem I've been contemplating for years:
When the Rapture occurs, who will take care of my soulless pure-bred pugs (Spanky and Buckwheat)?!

"How much cuter will I be when you abandon me for Jesus?"

The answer is simple. Leave the pet with someone equally as ethic-less as an animal: an atheist.

I have thought of one problem with this, BTW. What if the assumed "atheist" I put in charge of watching my beautiful, loving, amoral puppies turns out to be a closet Christian who just needed a few extra bucks. Will he then ascend to Heaven with the rest of us? How awkward will that be! Sitting peacefully with my risen brothers and sisters, while we slowly watch little Spanky starve to death? That doesn't sound nice at all!

Anyway, be sure to check the FAQs page! The first question might be on your minds as well.

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